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 Margie's notes
Dec. 13
The TENTH MESSAGE came through on a day when everyone was home and Margie was busy but she was getting signs that it was time for a communication.

The gateway is fully open. Light is pouring in. Close the holes so it does not seep out. We are all around you now. There is much to be done. Listen and don't doubt. We are loving you very much. Please don't allow sadness to overtake you. This change is making way for new thought. New processes. New values. Old is gone. Forever. All around you. We never leave. Remember that. Love everyone one no matter what. You are not to judge ANYONE. They all have their reasons for carrying on the way they do. It is a function of the bigger picture. Stay focused and loving. The children are very vulnerable right now so make sure to send them nothing but good words and thoughts. Their innocence is so important. Try to protect the innocence. If someone threatens it, you are responsible to clean it up. They will make this change as huge as it is supposed to be. You have lost many but many more will go. This is good. Very, very good. They will help you lead to the way. WE noticed you tried to write 'they will lead the way' instead of 'they will help you lead the way.' You do not need to be afraid. We are always here. We give you words. We give you strength. You have everything you need. Let no one sway you from the truth now. The children will guide you. Their intelligence from our world is hard for you to believe. You have to relearn. They do not. Listen to EVERYTHING they say. It is all important. You have many children in your life. Listen to all of them. We love you so very much. It is a love you can not comprehend. Know that is your strength. You are brave. Go on. 

Nov. 29
Kathy posted the message about no direct communication from the messengers. Later that day the NINTH MESSAGE came through.

it is without fear that you will make the greatest gains. you have many important things to accomplish and if you will honor your divinity these things will happen with ease. let go of the delusion that you are less than. we are all perfect. there is no self help. There are no improvements you need to make. feel where you are. the sadness you know and keep with you for earth losses will pass. you know that. we never really die. we simply change into a lighter form. best way to say it. your loved ones are all with you even though they seem to move on. you know they can come back if they choose it. they love you more than ever. please don't tarry long with this. you have a great deal of ground to cover. the earth is changing very quickly and some will not be able to cope. there is nothing to fear. we can't say this enough. everyone needs to know that it is not to be worried over. things will never be the same. it will be better. if you are uncomfortable now it is because of the magic. yes it is magic. there is not another word we can use that you will understand. it is good. you are good. you are so loved. you must remember that. you can look at yourself now and say "i love you." how do you think this happened? yes? you see now? we are always around you. please help others find and use the gifts they were sent here with. they are immense. you talk as if you only get one gift. you have as many as you like. be open and just expect the power to be there. you want to heal? heal. you want to help with the transition  then forget about what you think you know. do it now.

Nov. 29

It has been nine days without a message from the beyond. We are open and willing should they decided to reopen communications.

Nov. 20

fabric is ripping. tearing away from earth. desert. tan. howling winds. watch this war. sad humans. horrible sad. this is not good. no more terror. children will not understand. you can't make them understand this. no matter what was written before this does not have to happen now. prophecies are fallacies until men make believe them. they make them happen to keep perpetuating their hate. there is no need for this. no purpose. what a waste of all the earth is giving you. we were all given many chances in many lives. it will take many good, light souls to lift this darkness off the earth. we are here to help you if you will listen. you have to make them listen too. please. take all of your notes for all of your projects and sit down to piece them together. you have reams and reams of information between you. if you wait it will be useless. all this time gone. don't waste it. keep meditating quietly. watch the sky. as much as you can. night and day. breathe. remember to breathe and don't be afraid. no one can hurt you. your protection is vast. you are so loved. so very much.

Nov. 15


Do you remember when you were little and thought there were mice on your headboard? how you used to go all the way down to the foot of the bed under the covers to get away from them? That was just yesterday. The train away from your parents was just yesterday too. Your military wife life was tomorrow and your brother Eric is now your cousin. You don't really have any concept of time on earth. It’s just space and energy and a measure created by bodies to mark and label. a certain order to chaos that never really was chaos until you labeled it so. divine beings are already fully perfect. there is no need to improve or develop just accept your divine essence and know that there is nothing you can do wrong. everything you want is in your hand right here, right now. you need to change the world? what is wrong with it? you need to love yourself and love will radiate from you. other beings are drawn to that radiance. you know that already. we are just confirming all the things you know in your heart. all the masters, angels, guides are walking with you and talking to you. just hush and listen to every little thing. the quiet is when we speak so you can hear. really hear. now kathy this is for you. please just let it flow. there are so many different messages that we need to convey and you have lived and entirely different life than she in this time space you call your life. you knew a different father, mother and sisters. our/your perceptions vary with each breath. you may breathe as one but you are two very different parts. we need you both. the flow can’t stop. trust and remember how your magnificent divine being is in control. that is all you need to know. your approach to this life on earth is completely different when you stay in your divine essence. everything you need to accomplish this work is all around you and inside you. resources are plentiful to a divine being. this so called trouble with money can not actually trouble your divine being. you really must understand that it is your right to have abundance in all things that help your earthly causes. you only slow down the current by forgetting your divinity and your birthright. there are no limits. there are no wrongs. if you remember you are perfect, flawless, your abundance will overwhelm you. where did this idea of lack come from? It is a created from fear, which is not love. Love is pure, divine abundance in all things. Never lacking, never wanting. Only love, perfect, peaceful, joyful love. You will never, ever lack anything while you are in the space of divinity. Please stay there now. This is where you belong. Where everyone belongs. Please remember this. This is different for all of you. It is good. Very good. Stay in love. We love you so much. Stay with us. Your dad wants you to know that if you can remember how much he loves you then you will understand how much we love you. He is with you always. Always around you. Loving you.

 Nov. 12


If you stay in your space of alert attention you will see that you know all you need to know. it is all inside your own heart. you have been on a journey of sorts and you are approaching your destination. all you have done and learned, all the people you have included in your experiences, all the things you have accumulated, these are what you chose. there is no coincidence here. intend ahead instead of just letting things unfold in chaos. put this before you so it is there when you get there. stay quiet and alert. there are messages and love everywhere. how can a human in this place ever be anything but happy? you must know how amazing this place is. all these gifts spread out before you in an amazing array of love. pick. please pick. open your eyes and pick. you have to be quiet. quiet. quiet. this is a face-grabbing, trying-to-get-your-attention-straight-ahead message. no more fussing. if you are in an aligned space the energy will grow. there are many already there and they need you. remember there is only good coming now. your energy will find similar energy magnetically so stay conscious of the way you conduct yourself and the energy that comes from you. remember magnets. that is how powerful you are. luminous energy that will light the way for many. stay light please. you are loved. please accept it and share it. make it grow. 

Nov. 10
Margie’s grandsons had left for the evening. Her roommates were off in other parts of the house and she could hear the normal sounds of the evening. Sitting in a comfy chair at her desk with yoga music on she began to doze in and out and even dream. There was a welcome mat. And
THE FIFTH MESSAGE came through in fits and starts. Her roommate came to the door of the room and said she should go to bed without realizing she was getting a message at the time.

here we go. strength in numbers. get as many people together for this as

you can. we will help you. there are many messengers. all the troublesome

breaks that have been made from spirit to man are being repaired. there is

no translation needed here. there is no law that man can create that will

work on another man. you don't need all the nonsense with laws. there was

never any scripture that would exclude anyone or hold anyone in guilt. any

word that comes from spirit will not judge. all else is false. do not be

swayed or hurt by words that don't belong to spirit. your words always

return the same to you. whatever they are. be kind and gentle. speak softly

and lovingly and remember that you don't know what is in another’s spirit

that you can harm eternally. it is not yours to harm. there is no bad. you

are perfect and whole and do not need to be judged or fixed. there is

beautiful violet light all around you always now. there should be no

surprises any more. things are different. this change is good. more

communication between body, soul, spirit. they are one whole and not good

without each other in this form on your earth. while you are in your body,

do not harm it. love it and cherish it. there are songs being written on it

by your spirit now. it is beautiful. you won't need a soul soon. only a

spirit. for now a body. it is last to go. things will never be the same.

it’s OK. please don't worry. you don't need anyone else to tell you what to

do anymore. the old rules don't apply now. things will never be the same

again. just be kind. understand that not everyone understands. they will.

no matter what culture they are submerged in. it’s only time now. you don't

need to try to save time anymore. try not to rush and worry. breathe. stop

and breathe. stay here and don't jump around anymore. whether you are

present here or traveling with old souls your mind has to be here with your

heart for now. stay pure and light and just do what we say. there are so

many things for you to know and share. it it just starting to get clearer.

there is never a good time for being bad to each other. there is never a

good reason to hurt someone. you stay true and clear and be good to

yourself. this will make it easier for you to see when you are hurting

someone else. good things are all around you and in you. you shine. you are

beautiful. stay open and pure. be good to yourselves. everyone is going to

be OK. don’t let anyone try to fool you with fear. that is not real. love

everyone without exception. we will help you. no more sad. only love and

brilliant light. it will get easier. you are beautiful and good. love

everyone always. you will come in and out of this space. no one else can

get in while you are here. notice the noise now. it isn't real while you

are writing here. this is all mechanics but you need to know what you can do

and how you don't need to wait to write. everyone around you knows to stay

away. how do you think they know that? they are all around and they don’t

come in here. you are safe and sound and loved. peace and beautiful music

surround you. this is your space. your safe space. grow and learn and know

you are perfect. this peace will be constant when you learn to accept it.

breathe and love. see good and light. you are forever loved and cherished.

you are whole and complete. you are being good always. there is no bad. be

soft and kind with yourself. this music is nice. we like it for you. it

makes you happy and quiet. you are loved. remember to share with everyone.

there are no more worries. this earth you know is good and safe and there

is nothing to be afraid of anymore. no more sad. only light. love. we love

you. all your people here and there love you. there is love all around you

always. no exceptions. don't ever worry that you are not loved, ever. you

are so loved always.

Nov. 7

Margie was praying for some relief from financial  difficulties and then went to her computer to check email and turn on some of her favorite music. She was listening to music by  Thomas Newman when

are you here? no more worries for anyone. it is not as big as you think. your body will break down if you try to carry it any longer. this is ours now. you have no use for it. come on. keep perspective and have faith. no more fretting. don't stop. it has been a week of your days, which is too long. why do you stop this beautiful music now? it is time. please work it out so that the flow does not stop ever. you say you have to work. you have your people. there is illness to attend to. you have all kinds of excuses but this is more important than anything in your life and you are blocking it. you have to try to understand right now that nothing will stop this from coming here on out. they will all understand. now on with it. the world is reeling with people problems. this leader that leader. it doesn’t matter at all which leader. the universe is going on the way it will regardless of your function. turn up the music as loud as you can stand it and block the world out while you work with this. we love your music. it heals you. that is good. good. a magnet for good. open up. where will we go? each of your own religions has its own version of what will happen now, but there is no death and destruction. just changes in energy. this is nothing but different frequencies. the higher frequency is strange to your people. it will be easier for everyone to hear if you do your work and keep opening up your heart. doesn't matter what anyone says. don't be afraid any more. you are so loved. every single one of you. there are helpful beings all around you and everyone. you don't need to protect yourself from anything bad. bad entities. these are made up by humans. humans created the bad and fears. they are not real. this is another byproduct of human creation. you would not need your laws and rules if you understood this. you must lose the illusion that you can control each other. the nature of things is to flow not to fight. just let go of the need to control. it is best to let the good join you. turn into it not away from it. this is simple. please just love and care for each other. we will not stop trying to make you understand how important it is now. more than ever. there are so many lost people that just need to know they are loved and important to us. this is so simple. when you hear a song that makes your heart swell you need to share it. sing it. immediately. these are gifts to you. you share them. it is all love. different ways to show it. a crystal clear message. scents are cleaner. music is clearer. more resonant. sun and sand. brighter. shadows are rushing. time is new and better. its going faster now. you all feel it. fleeting. move with it. this is the new earth. you are no longer peerless. source is pouring in now. this is a better way. transcendence will be common. no more searching and grasping. this is created especially for you. for yours. for all our loved ones. your message is from us. we will not let you fall. let it come out and don't stop. there is a lot of ground to cover here. keep the music playing. stay open. tell everyone one you know that it is good. you are so loved. this is a wonderful time to be alive. open your heart. be gentle.

Oct. 30

Tuesday night was different. As her boisterous grandsons ran around her, Margie received
THE THIRD MESSAGE. There was none of the stop and start of previous messages. It presented itself clearly and cleanly.protect yourself daily. take care of yourselves mentally and physically.

this is a very fast change but has been going on for many of your years. as

we segue from us to you the more obvious points will come forward. we are

you all. there is no difference now between there and here or now and then.

the lines are blurred now. the only way to go from one level to the next is

to leave the lines open. the only way to keep the lines open is to be

tolerant and kind. you will understand when it comes up what that means.

don't get too tired. feed yourself healthy, clean food. move your body as

often as you can. your body, your mind, your spirit. they feed one another

but don't work without each other. remember to balance and rest. all the

aspects are important in this work. you are not the only one feeling this

and you have nothing to worry about with the self-righteous attitude.

people will not think this way any more. they will know now how important

it is. especially the ones that fought most to keep their unhealthy habits

will come along. this is as easy as it will ever be now. turn into it

instead of away from it. astounding changes are going on now all around

you. open up and stay in tune. stop worrying about worldly things. they no

longer matter. there is nothing more important than this. your people are

all around you. the light is getting brighter and the numbers are getting

stronger. look for fibonacci as you say. you will see many signs in mother’s

arms. she loves you. even though you have betrayed her and destroyed every

part of her, she loves you. if she rights the wrongs there will be nothing

left for bodies. spirit/she doesn't move like you do. the universal time is

different than your time. you needn’t worry about getting it all done. stop

worrying about all the rituals. just settle in wherever you are and you

will see it. you noticed the little boy at school counting tree seeds and

making mommy clap with him. he engaged her when she was otherwise

distracted. we will all be little children pulling the focus to front.

everyone will focus. we, you. same thing. all one. gaia. us. this is not

crazy. it is as sane as you have ever been. people won't judge any more so

stop worrying. normal is not like it used to be. no more conformity. no

more going with the flow. no more quiet apathy. everyone will be involved

in this. it is good and it feels good. you are watching the boys play now

and noticing the way they talk to each other. this is us. they just

disconnect and get everything done. he stops and breathes deeply a few

times. like he is out of breath. he's not. he is self cleaning. like an

oven. he went right back to playing without missing anything. he caught you

watching him breathe and smiled. he still didn't even notice anything

different. he said he loves you more times tonight than he has in all his

little life. and you noticed it. you felt it. they feel your new heart.

they are staying close to you and aren’t afraid of doing something wrong.

what a wonderful feeling. we will all feel that. no more worry of doing

something wrong. it is nothing you have ever known in your lifetime. this

is good. this is very, very good. your typing is nice and clear and you

haven't gone back once tonight. isn't that nice? you haven't stopped to

reread or fix or second guess. that is so nice. we love you so much. you

are beautiful and brilliant. we love you so all so much. you just have no

way to understand it yet. you just use words. these words are not what we

use. it is something new for us too. we will all feel it soon. you will

feel what we feel. please stay strong and don't worry or question. no more

worry for worldly things. it is not important any more. it will all sort

itself out. we are here. always. no more worries. always here. now. please.

dad loves you two. yes, it's right. he knows too. so many people supporting

you now. they had to come first. strong people here that love you very

much. so much. nothing to fix.

Some notes:
• In the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, each number is the sum of the previous two numbers, starting with 0 and 1. According to Wikipedia, this sequence begins 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, etc.  The higher up in the sequence, the closer two consecutive "Fibonacci numbers" of the sequence divided by each other will approach the golden ratio.  Some say description of this proportion as Golden and Divine is fitting perhaps because it is seen by many to open the door to a deeper understanding of beauty and spirituality in life.
• Our father passed to the other side in Oct. 10, 2009, and was a staunch conservative Christian, someone we would have suspected to be the least likely to say this type of work is “OK.”


THE SECOND MESSAGE came through on Oct. 29. On that Monday, Margie's significant other jokingly offered to time her on the LA Times crossword puzzle since she only had 10 minutes before she left for work. She finished in 9 minutes, which is not usual. That day Hurricane Sandy started to batter the East Coast. The work day was very draining. There was a full moon shining that night. And as the message came in, following instructions to get out of the way of the message, she began to type with her eyes closed.

Oct. 29
open up. sandy is good. big. good. earth is healing itself. people are containers for spirit. we are all one. let it be. no more judgement. everything is you. you are everyone. Jesus, Buddha, Everyone. Alah. no exceptions. no one is right. no one is wrong. tired? it’s ok. use us. we love you. don’t worry it will come. bright light. did you see the moon tonight? beautiful. a gift. the old world is going away now. the new world is in one of the two times in space. times, places, the same. music, light, sound, energy into all channels. the words will come. don't push. white bright light. not very automatic when you correct. stop correcting. disconnect from earth now. you are twitching in your body. don’t correct. stop. this work, don’t delay. you are out of earth time. spirit is infinite. time is all the same to us and goes on forever. don’t correct this. keep going. don’t resist it. stop. you are feeling discomfort, not peace. stop. this will get easier. we are your soul’s support. your spirit group. rest. we will hold you up. the feeling you get when you are on the back of the bike is what you need to think about now. that disconnected from earth feeling. that is what we are. only in words you know. don’t correct. you are blocking the energy. now go. time in. don’t correct. time is now to do it. just write on some things you think you understand but there is no way in your human form you can even see. we will show you everything to do from here on out. don't be afraid. just open. this is strange for you and your fingers don’t seem attached but they are attached to us. you will get more adept at this over time. some things will be lost in translation if you try too hard. don't worry over form just do the spirit. soft, swollen heart. can’t contain the feelings. don’t even look at what you are typing. don’t go back and correct. just keep going. we have it from here. reconnect. tired. can’t stay on the right keys? you can be here or there. pick it. doesn’t matter. nothing matters. despair is not useful. build people up and don’t stay in negative places or listen to negative things. the only way to raise up the earth to the next plane is to stay in positive energy. you know this already. others need to know. it is a collective energy effort. you can’t do this without others. we will be fine, but we have to get to the next level. think video games. next level for everyone. we all got an extra chance and now we get to work together to evolve higher. we waste ourselves and the earth staying stagnant. stop correcting. the flow will come but you have to stop going back to correct. this is difficult if you make it so. we are... stop. stop. tired. wasting time on form. clear thoughts, come back later. take care of your body. clear thoughts.

humans are good. they seem bad sometimes, but there is no bad really. just good. you have gifts to work with. you will get a lot of respect. don’t abuse it. you get to help. you think it’s strange that you were timed on your puzzle today? it’s not strange. you need to know how brilliant you are. we are giving you this gift.  this is only difficult if you make it so. we are. stop. stop. tired. wasting time on form. clear thoughts, come back later. take care of your body. clear thoughts, you won’t even know your own self half the time. do you notice how brilliant you have been lately? how long did it take you? close your eyes. stay out of it. you are so loved. you can't love yourself anymore than we love you. this love is infinite and can’t be contained. you will never ever be alone again. ever. you are so loved. we can’t say this enough. your brain is magnificent. don’t doubt you. they will get healthy too. for everyone they will need to be healed in body now. it serves you well. take care of it. no more trash. take care of it. please. we love you. yes. here we go. now you are ready. play along. we need a lot of music. everyone needs different music. we vibrate high. vibrate high for yourself. makes a big difference. your heart will grow. you won’t be able to contain it anymore. you won’t worry about what anyone thinks anymore. you will have plenty of support. take care of everything you know is right. the earth is bigger than you. respect her, and know that everyone you come in contact with is on your side. they could help. will help. there is no bad. remember. it is late, but we are here. humans are good. tired, but good. keep going. you have everything you need. no more worry about earthly things. just take care of earth and she will take care of you. don’t worry. isn't it better to write like this? you don’t correct when you don't see. good job. we love you. take care of you. you are getting messages from every direction. people who you wouldn’t think can help, will help.


Oct. 23, 2012Intense energy comes from now. the emotions involved in being present will fuel the process you need to go through. stop worrying about what others might think. they have no idea where you are in your evolution and it doesn't matter. the moment you let go of any illusion of control you actually get complete control. a default mode if you will. any time you have spent edifying anyone (including yourself) is being banked for you. no matter how panicked you are about losing time and life it is important that these things happen. the feeling of stuck is overwhelming unless you know that there is an end in sight. know there is one. it is just a matter of time now. don't lose heart. there will be innuendo and sarcasm from those less evolved that can not penetrate your inner knowing. you need to support them and you are doing exactly what you need to do. don't cave now. this time is more important than ever. so much support is here. centuries of souls lined up to carry the weight for you. let go of the worry and continue on with the unconditional love. sometimes it will not feel natural. just stay strong and don't give in to the temptation of old reactions. they no longer serve you or your countless loved ones, past and present. the seal is broken. if you can stay in the present you will see soon enough just how important this quiet time is. it has nothing to do with the paths you have taken before. this is all new territory. you will need strength and resilience. your current relationships are strengthening your resolve. you may not like this in its present manifestation but you would not recognize it in another form. your lessons are pertinent and required for your future work here. you can send this now. the lines are open. yes. that was us. the message was not complete as you tried to send it earlier.

Kathy's notes: 

On Oct. 23 I was working across the room in my office when I heard the chime that signals a Facebook message has arrived.

I walked over to the desk to see what it was.

It was a message of reassurance -- “you are doing exactly what you need to do. don't cave now. this time is more important than ever. so much support is here. centuries of souls lined up to carry the weight for you. let go of the worry and continue on with the unconditional love.”

A preview of what is ahead -- “it has nothing to do with the paths you have taken before. this is all new territory. you will need strength and resilience. your current relationships are strengthening your resolve.”

A message that more wisdom is to come, that “the seal is broken.”

And words obviously not of this world or perhaps this plane.

As I looked at that message from my sister, Margie, my first reaction was that she accidentallly sent me a message intended for someone else.

Our exchange:

Me: OK. Who did you really mean to send this to?

Margie:  Pretty sure it's for you. I'm a little freaked right now. Came out of my fingers with no thought of my own. Twilight zone...

She had tried to send it earlier and it would not go through the Facebook message system. As "they" later told her: “the message was not complete as you tried to send it earlier.”

That is how it started. There are few more things to tell, and much yet to be revealed, but read it for yourself and we will fill in the details as we go.

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