The Records

In response to the messagers' request for "quiet, quiet, quiet" Kathy took a very brief break and went to her favorite retreat center in Three Rivers, GilChrist. There she tried several different types of writing and found the best success by opening her own Akashic records and asking questions. 

This is that conversation: 

Nov. 21, 2012

Is this my work?

It is definitely your work.

There have been rare times when you felt the flood of words come through you. You know what that feels like. It will be like that more often now.  You will wonder where these words came from and it will be the words that you have always known. These are the words you remember.

It is exactly what you were pondering this morning. Life is as much about remembering as it is about learning.  Learning and remembering are two main reasons you are here. Another is to be present. To be an observer and a participant in this amazing world around you. This world is unique and you can feel its love and you return it.

Now you are wondering if you are simply repeating back things you have heard before and imagining this work is more important than it really is. It is as important as you make it. You have learned many lessons over the years, some of them painfully, but many of them simply by reading, listening and observing. There was never a time you were not learning. This is for … stop thinking. Keep writing. This is for the better good. 

This work you are doing today is not from the open channel that Margie uses but it is to give you courage to believe that what you have learned is worth sharing with others. That others need this information and will resonate with it. It will help them be in the world.  It will help them be the world.

Do you remember how you have always felt that you have a core set of beliefs that you could not violate without doing harm to yourself? That is how you came into the world. Your values were already set. You could have chosen many times to go against them and some times you were close. But you always had a deep understanding of self preservation. 

You have written of this before. Maybe in a poem. Self preservation to some looks like selfishness. It is not. If you do  not take care of yourself you are of no use to others. As the woman in your Akashic group said recently it is like the caution warning on the airplane.  When the oxygen mask comes down in front of you, put yours on first and then help the person next to you who needs your assistance.

Your gift is that of observation. You have wondered in the past if this is enough -- if you are missing out on being a participant in the world by simply observing it. The reality is what you heard when you were young and you watched the trail disappearing behind the jet plane.

Your friend said then not many people would stand and watch the trail as it broke up and try to think of the right words to describe something leaving almost as soon at it is created. You were surprised to hear that. It is true. People do not pay attention.

Some are overwhelmed by the world when they pay attention. Those are often the ones who block out the world with drink and drugs. But even for these sensitives the world can heal if they focus on one thing at a time. Watch a tree move from season to season. Learn the names of the birds in the yard. Plant a bulb and watch it come up in the springtime.

Growing things can balance the destruction experienced in the world. 

Why is it important to do this work now?

There are many who deny the forces of dark that you see gathering. They talk about the light that is coming in and it is true. But there are many years of darkness that have collected and without the work of the light carriers the dark will have its way with the world.

This is not to create fear or the need to judge – it is difficult to see that this is all God as people often say. Accepting darkness because it is part of God does not seem to make sense. First how could God be dark? And if God was why would we accept that? This is more about how humans see the world than about what is real.

What some people see is other. Their default position is not love but hate. Not love but fear. It is easier for some humans to accept fear than love.  When you are a baby you go through a phase where no, no, no, is your response to everything. It seems the human brain latches on the negative easier than the positive. It may be something that was necessary at one time to avoid being killed or eaten by prey animals. This negative programming no longer serves.

This is the reason so many people are being called at this time to work with the light. It takes a lot of work and workers to balance generations of training in the dark.

Kathy: I stopped taking notes to prepare for the GilChrist staff coming to take my bags from the cabin. While I was doing the dishes I started thinking about this writing. I was amazed that in a very short period of time I had written more than 1,000 words. What I heard was that "you are thinking about this like a writer. That this will be normal and easy for you in the future. If you ever cannot write this quickly it is not from the records."

Now I am thinking about what to do with a pot of soup. This is why I have never kept notebooks before. They fill up with silly stuff like what to do with a leftover pot of soup at the end of a retreat weekend.

Returning to the records:

This is another way to tell the difference between your words and ours. (Actually, they are all your words, but that just complicates it.)  Whenever you feel this is nothing but silly stuff and get impatient with what is coming out just pause and refocus. There will be more to write. There will always be more to write as long as you stay connected.

You have been worrying about writing about the darkness in the world ever since you wrote it. That there is darkness does not fit with most of the teachings of today that are focused on bringing the light into the world and the ascension of the human race. But to deny darkness – shadow if you will – gives shadow strength. Facing it head on robs it of strength.

You have listened, baffled as people talk about the emerging light and wondered if they were living in the same world that you are living in – where hatred is accepted in common discourse. People talk smack about one another and no one flinches.

You are both right. The light is growing. The dark has a solid foothold in the world.  You are not here to fight the dark. You are here to shine a light on it. It is just as was discussed in your Akashic group on Sunday, more people are becoming accepting of the light workers and this will keep darkness in balance.

It is funny that you keep writing about balance considering the number of times you have said in your life that you do not believe in balance. Remember that day you realized that if you don’t believe in balance that is the kind of life you get –- unbalanced?

Even as you write this you are still thinking of darkness as bad. That shining a light will put and end to the darkness. That is not the case. There still will be shadow. Imagine light and dark and how shadow is part of the picture. All it means is that dark will not overwhelm the world just as light will not pierce it too deeply.  I know it is getting repetitive for your editor’s heart, but think in terms of balance rather than good and bad. This is not how Westerners are trained to think. This is a challenge.  This goes against the teachings of some religions and is dismissed as relativism. 

There are some in this cycle who will not be willing to accept this and that is acceptable. There are many ways to navigate the world and each soul has its own way that is good.

You are getting tired. There are many other things to talk about on a different day.

Peace be with you.

What, you have another question?

What is a soul dialogue?

It is not what you read today from Catherine of Genoa. She is of a time past and humans have come a long way since then. You have started a dialogue with the soul with this conversation. Amen. 

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